Owen Jones

Oak Swill Basket Maker

E-mail: owen@oakswills.co.uk;       Tel: 01229 885664



In the past Owen has made the following commissions:

Cleft Oak Field Gate

Cleft Oak Garden Gate

Angus Cottage


Fence and Gate Installation

Welsh Frame Baskets

victorian farm

BBC Television's 'Victorian Farm'

 I was asked by the production company of the BBC's Victorian Farm series to make an oak swill for collecting chopped mangelworzels and for other uses on the farm. I was not simply required to make the basket, but to go to the farm (in Victorian costume) and make the basket from scratch. They had recently felled an oak tree, and this was the material I used for the basket. Once cut to the correct size, the oak was steamed in a long tub over a fire for four hours. Once steamed, the oak could then be split into the strips and used to weave the baskets. It was good fun being part of the Victorian Farm project and it is nice to see one of my baskets being used in a traditional way.

Moses Basket for a baby

 This basket is slightly longer and larger than the standard oak swill to make it the right size to fit a baby. I have made a number of baby baskets for various customers, and they make wonderful moses baskets. The round bottom make them easy to rock, and they can even be hung from a ceiling beam. Some customers who undertake historical re-enactments want an authentic basket for their little one to sleep in, and when lined with a sheepskin this basket is ideal.
baby basket
gate hurdle Cleft Oak Gate Hurdle
Kissing Gate in Cleft Oak kissing gate
oak screens Woven Oak Screens

At Rusland Tannery.
Cleft Oak Pale Fencing pale fencing

pale fencing
willow screen Willow on Oak Screen
Charcoal Buring in my wood charcoal burning
peeled oak poles Peeled Oak Poles
Oak Bark for Tanning oak bark
fire wood Firewood