Owen Jones

Oak Swill Basket Maker

E-mail: owen@oakswills.co.uk;       Tel: 01229 885664


How to buy one of Owen's Oak Swills

Owen Jones usually has a small amount of stock so if you want one of his oak swills or other baskets then contact him to see if he has one in stock. 

Owen also sells his baskets at a number of fairs and events throughout the year. You can see him making oak swills and buy one his baskets at these events.

Traditional Oak Swill

This basket is oval shaped with a gently domed bottom. It has a handle at each end for easy carrying. It is a strong and really useful basket.

This basket comes in these sizes:

  • 16" - £65
  • 19" - £70
  • 22" - £75 (This is the most popular size and is good for logs or in the garden)
  • 24" - £85 (This makes a good laundry basket)
  • 26" - £95

Shopping Basket

This basket is made in the same way as the traditional swill but has a central handle made from hazel. It is a very useful basket for taking out and about.

This basket comes in two sizes:

  • 16" - £68
  • 19" - £72

'Winnowing Fan' Basket

This is a round  shallow basket with an approximate diameter of 21" - £68

Pannier Basket

This is another traditional style of basket carried by horses as panniers. They are very strong and look great in a modern setting mounted on a wall or used with a strap like a satchel for picking fruit etc.

Size is approximatey 11" wide x 8" deep x 10" high -  £70

All these baskets can be posted. The cost of postage and packing is approximately £15 but this varies and I will confirm the exact cost when ordering.